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AQA Chemistry Topics

If you try these quizzes every month (or every other month) from now until your exams you should know the content really, really well. In the revision guide highlight your target grade in one colour, and every time you have completed a quiz (or a test in school) mark that on the table, so you can see how you are improving over time!

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     Paper 1

     Paper 2

Chemistry Paper 1


Formulae of common ions

Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

Bonding, Structure and the Properties of Matter

Quantitative Chemistry

Chemical Changes

Energy Changes

Mixed paper 1 for combined science

Mixed paper 1 for separate science

These are very rough grade boundaries based on last years exam results. getting a certain grade in these quizzes, does not mean you'll get that in the exam

Chemistry Paper 2


The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change

Organic Chemistry

Chemical Analysis

Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Using Resources

Mixed paper 2 for combined science

Mixed paper 2 for separate science