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Edexcel GCSE Physics Topic 7 - Astronomy

Below is everything the examiners think you know, if you're not sure of something click on the link to watch my YouTube video explanation. For a copy of these you can print off, get the FREE revision guide I wrote for you.

 • I can explain why the value for gravity is different on different celestial bodies

 • I can describe our Solar system

 • I can describe hoe ideas about our solar system have changed over time

 • I can describe our galaxy

 • I can describe the life cycle of a star

 • I can describe the processes that go on in the centre of a star

 • I can recall the difference between natural and artificial satellites

 • I can describe how an object maintains its orbit

 • I can describe how velocity can change while speed remains constant

 • I can describe that in a stable orbit if the speed changes the radius of orbit changes

 • I can evaluate the Big Bang and Steady State theories

 • I can describe CMBR

 • I can describe how red and blue shift occur

 • I can explain what red and blue shift show use

 • I can explain how CMBR and red shift provide evidence for the Big Bang

 • I can describe how we observe the universe

 • I can describe how the way we have observed the universe has changed over time.