AQA P1.3 Transferring electrical energy

Here is all the information you'll need for AQA P1.3, the specification statements  are the bits the examiner want you to know, and know really well!!! You can use this to revise or to study if you missed class. I've added in videos and links to help you understand.


This is a very, very short topic!


'Examples of energy transfers that everyday electrical appliances are designed to bring about.'(AQA, 2012)

'The amount of energy an appliance transfers depends on how long the appliance is switched on and its power.'(AQA, 2012)


'To calculate the amount of energy transferred from the mains using: E=Pxt'(AQA, 2012)


'To calculate the cost of mains electricity given the cost per kilowatt-hour.'(AQA, 2012)


Reference list

AQA, GCSE Specification Physics. 2012 date accessed 06.10.15