AQA P1.2 Energy transfers and efficiency

Here is all the information you'll need for AQA P1.2, the specification statements  are the bits the examiner want you to know, and know really well!!! You can use this to revise or to study if you missed class. I've added in videos and links to help you understand.


This is a very, very short topic!

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'Energy can be transferred usefully, stored, or dissipated, but cannot be created or destroyed.'(AQA, 2012)


'When energy is transferred only part of it may be usefully transferred, the rest is ‘wasted’.'(AQA, 2012)


'Wasted energy is eventually transferred to the surroundings, which become warmer. The wasted energy becomes increasingly spread out and so becomes less useful.'(AQA, 2012)


'Calculate the efficiency of a device'(AQA, 2012)




Reference list

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