AQA GCSE Physics Topic 8 – Space Physics

I have gone through the specification and these are the bits the examiners want you to know with links to my YouTube videos and other websites to help you understand any bits that are confusing. 


Whole topic summary video

Quick fire questions for this topic


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AQA Biology Playlist 

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Required Practicals 


AQA Physics

1 –  Energy

2 –  Electricity

3 –  Particle Model of Matter

4 –  Atomic Structure

5 –  Forces

6 –  Waves

7 –  Magnetism and Electromagnets

8 –  Space Physics

Specification statement


These are the bits the exam board wants you to know, make sure you can do all of these…

Bits to help if you don’t understand

Primrose Kitten

Other places

I can describe our Solar system



I can describe our galaxy



I can describe the life cycle of a star


I can describe the processes that go on in the centre of a star



I can recall the difference between natural and artificial satellites



I can describe how an object maintains its orbit



I can describe how velocity can change while speed remains constant



I can describe how red and blue shift occur



I can explain what red and blue shift show use



I can explain how red shift provides evidence for the Big Bang



AQA Chemistry

1 – Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table

2 – Bonding, Structure and the Properties of Matter

3 – Quantitative Chemistry

4 – Chemical Changes

5 – Energy Changes

6 – The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change

7 – Organic Chemistry

8 – Chemical Analysis

9 – Chemistry of the Atmosphere

10 – Using Resources


AQA Biology

1 –  Cell biology

2 –  Organisation

3 –  Infection and response

4 –  Bioenergetics

5 –  Homeostasis and response

6 –  Inheritance, variation and evolution

7 –  Ecology