You can either make your own set from the videos, watch the videos over and over again or pay a tiny amount and print your own versions.

It may take a bit of fiddling around to get them correctly back to back, or you can go old school and glue them together.

This is not a physical product, you will be sent a download link and you can then print a copy off.


I've tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I've tried to answer them all here https://primrosekitten.org/faqs/

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A-level Chemistry flashcards

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Yvonne W. (Colwyn Bay, GB)
Flash cards Chemistry

Very useful

Tamara K. (Norwich, GB)

A-level Chemistry flashcards

Organic chemistry / Ion charge flashcards

These flashcards are very good. The ions I just bought for simplicity since they were 40p, and the organic ions I bought because I'm doing the head start course. There is a lot in the organic ions and I feel it was definitely worth the 99p

iman k. (London, GB)

A-level Chemistry flashcards

Stefan T. (Birmingham, GB)
Good but its 4 Stars because of this...

Love the flashcards but one little irratating thing about them is that when i print them out, when i need to cut them the lines dont match so some of the flashcard will overlap another flashcard on the paper. overall its still good but it can do with a bit more questions aswell

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