Predicted exam papers

Written in the style of the exam to get you prepared in the style of the exam to get you prepared


Revision workbooks

A mix of short and long mix of short and long answer g answer questions to give comprehensive coverage


Revision and teaching videos

Theory and practicals as theory and practicals as well a the popular Whole Topic videos ell a the popular Whole Topic videos 




All papers 

•Contains multiple choice questions, structured questions, closed short answers questions and open long response questions 

•Maths requirement vary by subject – 20% of the marks in biology, 30% of the marks in chemistry and 40% of the marks in physics.

Combined Science  

• 6 papers (2 biology, 2 chemistry and 2 physics, leading to 2 GCSEs) 

• Each 1 hour 15 minutes 

• Each paper is 15%

• 80 marks on each paper