Many interesting stories are surrounding the world of science. From betrayal to fights, to unfair situations, many incredible stories are just as important as the discoveries that result from them.

That’s precisely the case with the story behind one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the world: The discovery of the DNA. Yes, that’s right, the most significant scientific breakthrough of the year has a very dark, unfair story just behind it.

In Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA, author Brenda Maddox takes it upon her shoulders to tells us one of the most significant unfair situations of all times regarding such a massive discovery like this one.

Some people call this book a biography since it does tells the story of Rosalind Franklin and her impact in the world. However, it is considerably more focused on what happened during the most important scientific breakthrough of all times, and how it instantly changed her life, making her a forgotten, neglected figure.

You see, it isn’t a secret to anyone that Rosalind Franklin was the one that discovers the double helix nature of the DNA. It was her photography and her research the ones responsible for this incredible discovery.

Sadly, she didn’t get the recognition she deserved, and fame was stolen from her in a very unfair way. Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA, tells the story about how this young, intelligent women made such a huge discovery, but three of her colleagues were given the recognition and the price that she would have deserved initially.

Author Maddox gives her credit by portraying her story, telling everyone the sad way Rosalind Franklin died just four years before her colleagues Maurice Wilkins, Francis Crick and James Watson were given the Nobel Prize for a discovery that was previously made by Rosalind.

The book is both fascinating and intriguing since it doesn’t only tell the story about Rosalind and how her colleagues used her photography and her data without properly accredited her, but how due to the destiny, she couldn’t even see her discovery winning nothing less than a Nobel Prize.

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