Project manager 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you’re interested but confused or worried about anything in this job advert that please get in contact and ask questions. I’m looking for a person I can work with not someone who can tick every single point listed below, and I can adapt things to suit the right person. I can teach you how to do everything needed, no experience of websites; project management or the programs mentioned below is required.

This job would be a good fit for you if you’re a teacher looking to leave the classroom (or not go back to the classroom after a period of leave) for a job that keeps you in education but allows you to be flexible for your life and family. 

This job would not be a good fit for you if you like being in a busy environment and chatting to people. I work from home, communication with me is via the computer and I’m frequently away from my desk so I’m not going to be your new work best friend.

Hours; this can either be full time or part time. Full time is 37.5 hours per week, these can be done at times that suit you, there are no set working hours. If you want to work 4 longer days that’s fine. If you want to spread the hours out over 7 days, that is also fine! There is no expectation that you do more than 37.5 hours per week, however you can work extra hours and take them as time in lieu when you want. If you want to apply but can only commit to 20 (or any other number) hours a week then please apply and mention that, for the right person I can be flexible. I’m a busy mum of two small boys, I fit my work around them, I understand that might be what you need to do as well. There would be 28 days holiday, however term-time only could be discussed.

Pay would be in line with the teacher main pay scales, depending on experience.

This would be working from your home.

Qualifications; ideally looking for a qualified teacher with classroom experience, this is important as I need someone who is familiar with the UK exam system and can be empathetic to students. Subject specialism isn’t important.

Start date; expected to be September (only due to the notice period required by teachers) but could be earlier.

Job description

Project management

· Having an overview of where projects (e.g. workbooks) are in stages of development, moving projects on to the next stage and resolving issues.

· Running through a checklist to ensure files match expected standard

· Formatting and publication of documents

· Finding people to complete pieces of work (e.g. writing and checking questions)

· Developing new subjects to add to the site

· Course management on Learn Dash

· Creating website pages with articles and links


· Responding to emails sent to the contact email address. 

· Management of mailing list, creating emails to send out and developing the ‘customer journey’ in Mailchimp

Social media

· Creating and posting optimised content.

· Responding to comments on posts.

· Engaging with the online community by being empathetic and supportive to students.

This role will involve high levels of empathy for students, they will often be rude and offensive when interacting with Primrose Kitten but an understanding that they are upset, stressed and their brains aren’t fully emotionally developed is needed. 

Applications in by 12th May