Compilation e-workbook (specific versions for exam boards are available, just use the drop down menus) only the topics specific to your exam board/tier/exam will be in the book not all of the topics below. 

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The full version covering...

• Periodic Table
• Mass number and atomic number
• The number of protons, neutrons and electrons
• Isotopes
• Ions
• Elements and atoms
• Brackets
• Conservation of mass
• Balancing equations (Easy / Medium / Hard)
• Relative atomic mass and percentage of an element in a compound
• Calculating relative atomic mass or relative isotopic mass
• Moles
• Percentage yield
• Atom economy
• Half equations
• Empirical formula
• Reacting masses
• Avogadro’s constant and gas volume
• Calorimetry
• Endothermic and exothermic reactions
• Bond energy questions
• Titration calculations


This is not a physical product, you will be sent a download link and you can then print a copy off.


I've tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I've tried to answer them all here https://primrosekitten.org/faqs/

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Maths (The Chemistry Bits) for Science Students NEW SPEC

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