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The Fault in Our Stars

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 You have probably seen the movie adaptation of this book, but if you haven’t, then take the time to read what is most likely John Green’s best book to date, and let this heartbreaking story traps yourself.
Hazel has cancer, a terrible type of cancer, and she has it since she was a little girl. She’s extremely intelligent, current, with a unique sense of humour, and a bit of dark vision towards the world.
She tries her best to cope with the diseases while also trying to make her family, especially her mom, happy. So she agrees to attend a support group, and that’s when she meets Augustus Waters.
Augustus is a former cancer patient and has been clear for quite some time now. And he is everything Hazel is missing: He sees the world as a big adventure, as an opportunity to be whoever you want, to do whatever you want.
Of course, they meet and they being to form a relationship. In The Fault in our Stars, we see how these two people get united by one of the most horrible diseases in the world, and begin to connect, to bond, to love each other.
This book is brutal in so many ways; it is incredible how much you’ll cry. And don’t be fooled, you will never know what is going to happen. You think you will, you’ll think you have everything figured out, but you genuinely don’t.
There’s a reason why this is John Green’s best book to date: Because it is fantastic, there are no other words to describe it.  This is not a regular love story; it isn’t cliche, it isn’t vague. It is deep, it has real characters, it shines a light on so many different topics, and it manages to nail the point time after time after time!
You will laugh with Hazel and Augustus. You’ll smile every time they do; you will love seeing them being in love. They have such a unique, little bond; you’ll fall in love with them as well.
But you will also cry when they cry; you’ll get mad when Augustus gets mad, you will get furious when Hazel gets furious. You will feel everything they do because the book is just that’s good.
And of course, you will cry. A lot. However, you won’t complain when you think you will. This book is unique because it makes you yell at the most unexpected moments, almost like saying “I got you!”. Honestly, just read this book, it will be one of the best literary decisions of your life

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