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Everything, Everything

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 Madeline isn’t like any other seventeen years old. She doesn’t go to high school, and she has never been to a party, she doesn’t go to the mall, or hang out with friends, or goes to the beach during the summer.
She stays at home all day, every day. And no, she doesn’t do this because she wants to, but because she has a sporadic disease that makes her allergic to the world that surrounds her.
To put it, she could die if she ever decides to leave her house. She can’t be outside, she doesn’t know what the world is like, she only knows her home, and that’s about it.
But she isn’t alone. Madeline lives with her mom and a nurse, they are her whole world, and they make their days a bit more interesting. But it’s okay, and she is used to it by know. Or she was until a new neighbour moves in.
When she first sees only through her window, she knows she will fall for him. And oh, does she do exactly that. The thing is, how can these two teenagers have a romance when one of them can’t leave the house, ever?
Everything, Everything by author Nicola Yoon is unique in many ways, just like Madeline. Not only it presents us a character so real, with such a huge problem that she has to learn to live with, but a unique love story as well.
As the book progresses, the story begins to steal your heart. The way Madeline is, the way Olly is when he’s around Madeline (as around as he can be, at least), and how these two just begging to connect in the most precious way.
This novel manages to do two essential things. Not only makes you read a unique romance that messes with your emotions in all the right ways, but it also makes you think about what is like to not be able to control your life.
Although this is a YA novel, it still shines a light on a subject not too many authors dare to talk about: The human need of wanting more, of needing more, of not wanting to settle down for what destiny seems to be telling them.
Prepare to laugh, to cry, to get your heartbroken with this book, but more so, prepare to read an excellent story, with fantastic characters and a great plot twist that will shock you.

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