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The Character of Physical Law


 Back in 1960, Richard Phillip Feynman gave a series of lectures that were recorded by nothing less than the BBC and were later published as a book, making this genius man even more known… And boy, did they do their job right.
If you are a scientist or a physic enthusiast, you have probably already heard of Richard Phillip Feynman, a famous American physicist that became extremely known for the path integral formulation of quantum physics… Yes, that was him, pretty impressive if you ask me.
He was already somewhat of a celebrity within the science world. However, it wasn’t until The Character of Physical Law was published that everyone, scientist or not, started to pay attention to him.
The book itself is a masterpiece, and we couldn’t be more thankful to BBC not only for recording the lectures but for transcript them into a beautiful, well put together book that is insanely good.
This work of art is undoubtedly not for everyone, but that’s okay. It is meant to be read by those who have specific knowledge of physics, who can enjoy reading about it because they genuinely understand what it is happening.
Now, don’t get me wrong, the book isn’t complicated or written in a way that makes every sound even more complicated. Now, Richard Phillip Feynman was a genius, and he knew how to talk about profound things in an easy matter. Which is why the book was so easily transcripted.
However, the topics talked in the book, the terminology, and some of the equations (yes, there are maths but don’t worry, they are exciting this time), are meant for people with some knowledge of the subject to read.
If you are a scientist or someone who loves physics, then this book is honestly the right one for you. Every chapter is focused on discussing an essential characteristic about physics, making you discover new things you probably didn’t know until right then.
The Character of Physical Law is a living proof that physics can be fascinating, and that it doesn’t have to be hard to understand when it is put into simple words. It is a book made for those who love science, for those who will finish it with a smile on their faces. It is, without a doubt, one of the best books about physics, and you need to read it right now.

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