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Forces of Nature

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 The world we live in is perfect, and there’s no other way to put it. Everything is working in perfect harmony to create a livable space for all animals of all species. An ideal place that is unsustainable. Truly the most amazing creation out there.
Understanding the force this world has, more precisely the Force of Nature, is indispensable to get to know the world we live in much better. And oh, is there a lot of things to discover and know about this planet we call home.
Through this book, author and professor Brian Cox takes the hard but very needed job to explain to us the many natural wonders of the world and how they work, to tell what is the science behind the unreckonable force that is Mother Nature.
The very first thing that will catch your attention about the book is the fact that there are photographies, and not just any photos but amazing, stunning reproductions about the natural phenomenon you will read about in the book, making everything ten times more interesting.
The second thing that will most likely catch your eye almost immediately is the fact reading this book almost feels as if you are travelling across the world, getting to know the most beautiful places, exploring the most amazing natural phenomenon… All by just flipping pages.
As you being to read the book, you are taking in a unique trip across the world, you will encounter with scary volcanoes, you’ll learn about the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, and you’ll discover things you have never seen before.
But don’t forget, Forces of Nature, is a science book. It takes the almighty force of nature and turns it around to see through the lens of science, to study as you would with any other living thing on the planet so that you can understand it to a deeper level.
It is shocking to realise how much we honestly don’t know about our world and the forces that rule it, but it is also gratifying to feel as if you are doing your part by learning as much as humanly possible. Which is what you will feel as you begin to read this book.
Forces of Nature is genuinely one of a kind book. It has impressive photography that transports you to the places you are reading about. It has excellent writing that isn’t dull not even for one second, and last but not least, it offers you plenty of knowledge about the one thing that connects us all: Nature.

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