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Stepping Further - A comprehensive Guide to Applying to University in the UK



Make the step into the next stage of your life with Stepping Further!


Applying to university is a massive step. One of the biggest, in fact. Each decision you make today will have an impact on the rest of your life, shaping the path you will take for the next three or four years and beyond. Just take a deep breath, because Stepping Further is here to help. This comprehensive guide to applying to university in the U.K. is jam-packed with concise answers and real-life student experiences. There are so many questions you might have, including:


How do I write a personal statement?

What should I do to prepare?

What are universities looking for?

How do I choose a university?

How will I afford tuition fees?

What will they ask at the interview?

Do I need a bachelor’s degree or an honour’s degree?

What course should I take?

Do I need to take the BMAT or the UKCAT?

What is so different about Oxford and Cambridge?

Can I take a gap year?

What if I make a mistake and end up in the wrong place?


I get it, it can be overwhelming. That’s why in Stepping Further: A Comprehensive Guide to Applying to University in the UK I’ve covered all this and more in an easy-to-use, all-inclusive guide to everything YOU need to know as you embark on your university journey.


I’ve been guiding students through the UCAS application process, beginning to end, for years now, and that means I know better than anyone what it takes to not only get into university but also thrive there. In my step-by-step guide, I’ll advise you on, what admissions are looking for, what they love, what they hate, what will impress them and what will put your application straight into the bin. I’ll help you determine if a city or campus is best for you, how to finance your education, what course to take, and more. I understand that not everyone applying is going to be 18 and coming straight from school so I’ve included sections aimed at international students; mature students and student parents.


Going to university doesn’t have to be hard. Stepping Further is here to show you the way.



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