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Elephants on Acid


If you have been a long time fan of author Jasper Fforde, then you probably already know about the existence of this book, such an acclaimed, loved book series that finally has a sequel.
People who already loved the previous books of this magnificent series would like this one as well, although it is entirely different from the rest, and has a different tone than you would be used to Still, it comes as a breath of fresh air for those who enjoy the franchise.
Author Jasper Fforde makes a return with this book to revive the book series that made him famous, and boy did he do an excellent job. As to the plot, it would be better not to reveal too much, since this is one of those novels that you enjoy more the less you know.
However, you should know the story takes place many years later the previous book, and although Thursday is still the main protagonist of the novel, some characters will take your heart away as you turn the pages of your book!
If you are a fan of fun plot twist, a good story and of course, lovable characters, then First Among Sequels: Thursday Next Book 5, is something you will want to read. It is fun, it is interesting, and it adds significant value to the rest of the saga.
At times, the book might feel a bit rushed. However, it is normal once you consider the story, all the plot twist, and the fact the author only had a couple of months to put this novel together.
Nonetheless, the book is fantastic. It has all the right elements of the saga, meaning a good old action chase, mystery, a team of people working together to defeat the bad guys, and of course Thursday. Not to mention a bit of suspense here and there.
Overall, this book is excellent. Sure, it might not be for everybody, especially if you haven’t read the previous books to this one, but regardless of that, you can’t deny Jasper Fforde’s ability to keep on writing about this fantastic world and characters in a way that is still interesting and non-repetitive truly a great actor.
If you haven’t read the series, you should, not only so you can keep up and read this peculiar and funny book, but also so you can get involved in one of the most heart whelming book sagas there are!

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